About Us

Hilltown Holistic Center offers a variety of modalities to relieve daily stress and enable the rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.  The Center provides the client with the highest standard of care in a professional, friendly and relaxed environment, conducive to healing.

The Center's diverse range of services is individualized for each client.  Our unique approach to health is three fold; treating the mind, body and spirit.  This approach contributes to the “whole-istic” improvement of wellness.  The Center's core values are integrity, compassion, sincerity, commitment, and passion.  Our goal is to give personal treatment results to meet the needs of each client individually, always ensuring a positive experience.


Christine Bailey, RMT
EFT Certified, Reiki & IET® Master/Instructor, Reflexology

It was a personal journey toward better health that led Christine Bailey into the field of alternative medicines.  She quickly felt a desire and need to bring wellness, through holistic healing, to the Western MA area.  Christine helps facilitate healing to those individuals who have experienced trauma in their life; especially sexual, physical and/or verbal abuse.  Her intuitiveness and spiritual insight uncovers the source of many physical/emotional ailments, which assists her clients through the process of healing.  

Depending on the client and issues, she combines modalities which helps release "issues from the tissues" bringing healing to her clients, sometimes instantaneously.  She is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and an Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) Master / Instructor.   She teaches the various levels of Usui Reiki and IET® to individuals desiring to broaden their knowledge in the alternative healthcare field.   Christine also teaches and enjoys doing angel card readings, working with clients both in person and long distance.  Christine is the owner of Western Mass Wellness Center, located at 567 Springfield Street, Feeding Hills, MA. 

Lisa Burke
Reiki Master, IET® Practitioner, & Aromatherapy Services

Lisa was raised here in the hilltowns of Franklin County and has always had an interest in holistic health and wellness.  Eventually, she discovered that she was meant to use her gifts of empathy, compassion and intuitiveness to help others in more ways than she knew were possible.  Once exposed to the Usui Reiki methods and the universal life force energy and the power of Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) she realized there was more to wellness than eating healthy and exercising.  

Lisa is a Reiki Master with a strong sense of intuitiveness and a caring empathic nature.  She often incorporates IET® into reiki sessions and vice versa as directed and guided by the client.  Lisa also provides Aromatherapy sessions - an incredibly relaxing, balancing, and grounding experience.  She is available for Personal Therapeutic Essential Oil Wellness Consultations.  With great interest and appreciation for the chemical constituents of essential oils, Lisa combines science and emotion to help guide her clients using therapeutic essential oils to compliment their holistic wellness regimen.  

Sarah Margaret Frye
Reiki Practitioner & L.M.T.

Sarah is a licensed massage therapist, and certified Reiki II energy practitioner. She is a Lyme Disease Educator, as well as an artist. After graduating in 2013, from the Center of Massage and Natural Healing in Asheville, NC, she knew it was just another stepping stone to what she strives to be as a practitioner.

During her sessions, she includes a blend of techniques which combines her different holistic modalities; acquired from her travels, studies and experience. Her unique method aids in the balancing of personal energies - "your voice" - promoting health (balance) within your body, mind, and spirit. It is her goal to create a healing space that resonates with each client individually; using a varied approach that blends Reiki, bodywork technique, energetic therapy, and intuition.

Sarah's empathetic nature and own personal health journey with Lyme disease was the foundation behind her energy focused education. Being a literate practitioner with Lyme disease and chronic pain, she hosts a monthly series "Connected with Lyme" at the Hilltown Holistic Center, which focuses on Lyme disease education and gaining back control over your health.

Sarah is currently studying plant medicine, herbalism, shamanic techniques, and the Law of Attraction. Artist and owner of Sarah Margaret Frye Art and Design, she is currently working on her first illustrated book. www.sarahmfrye.com

Diana Kocot
Reiki & IET® Practitioner

Diana has always struggled when people were suffering, always wanting to help.  She herself struggled with varying levels of anxiety and depression. Reiki and IET® treatments changed all that! It was the 'aha' moment - she realized she could help others the way that she was helped!

Diana is a certified Reiki practitioner and a certified IET® practitioner. These modalities help to relax, empower and balance your life, and help you release patterns of the past for good in a safe, gentle, nurturing way.

Brandi Noyes, LMT

Brandi has been practicing bodywork since 2005. She is a graduate of North Eastern Institute of Whole Health in Manchester, NH.  Since she has worked with chiropractors and occupational therapists using modalities such as trigger point, sports massage, neuromuscular techniques, PNF stretching etc. to help client from post operative care, acute and chronic conditions and degenerative diseases live life well. 

She has more recently been studying in Sedona, AZ and Hartford, CT with the Upledger Institute on Craniosacral, her new life's practice. To find the root/cause of disfunction, facilitating with one's "inner wisdom" and intuitively following their bodies path to wellness. "It's absolutely breathtaking the results I've seen and had myself with this treatment!" 

Recently closing her practice in Franconia, NH and relocating to Western MA she is grateful to join the diverse group of  professionals at Hilltown HolisticCenter and lend a healing hand in Craniosacral, Massage and Reiki.

Bonnie Rodriquez, RMT
EFT Tapping & IET® Practitioner

Bonnie works with individuals and groups to facilitate weight loss, additions and emotional blocks through the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Bonnie is a Reiki Master Teacher and certified in Integrated Energy Therapy.  She comes to the Center with years of nutritional and wellness experience.  She has a quiet way about her but don't underestimate her healing abilities. 

Sarah Stiles, LMT

Sarah has been working in the social services field for the last 10 years and has always had an innate desire to help those in need. She has always been inspired by the power of touch and decided to pursue her license in massage therapy; most recently graduating from the Massage School of Easthampton, MA in 2015.  Sarah said, “Massage therapy made me more self-aware of how powerful touch can be.  Massage is more than touch with intention; it’s a way to enhance your whole being through rejuvenation, stress reduction and wellness”. Sarah has aspirations to continue her education in different modalities of massage therapy and energy work.  Her intuitive touch and compassionate spirit will facilitate your passage to wellness.

Bradford Tilden
Sound & Vibrational Healer / Gemstone Healing Practitioner

Bradford Tilden has BA in Music Composition from Amherst College, and a Master's in Music Composition from UMASS, Amherst. He is a certified Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner, and graduate from the Globe Institute of Psycho-acoustic Music and Sound Healing in San Francisco, CA. He is a Level IV UWT Gemstone Healing Practitioner and one of a handful of UWT Practitioner Trainers in the world.

He offers Sound and Vibrational Healing, and Universal White Time Gemstone Healing (UTW). Through Sound and Vibrational Healing you can balance your chakras, clear your aura, and clear unhealthy emotional and energetic blockages. This modality also naturally dissipates stress! Bradford Tilden also teaches these amazing modalities at locations world-wide.